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Defer Capital Gains

Our IRS accepted tax deferral solutions are based on stable tax codes that have been in place for decades.

  • IRC 453  - The Installment Sales Code 

  • IRC 643 - Internal Revenue TITLE 26 , Subtitle A, CHAPTER 1, Subchapter J, Part 1, Subpart A, Sec 643 (a)(3),(4) and 643 (b)

IRC 453 Installment Options

Opportunity Zone vs. 453 vs. 1031

Legacy LLC Concepts

Legacy LLC Executive Summary

Business Team

Tax Deferral Services LLC addresses tax concerns created by the sale of appreciated assets. Most commonly real estate, business Interests, fine art, but also includes many other asset types.

Our team of CPA & Attorney Specialists utilizes IRS TAX codes and US tax laws to offer various flexible tax solutions to fit our client’s unique financial circumstances and goals. 

  • 453 Partnership – a 3rd party fiduciary intermediary program

  • 453 Cash Out – a monetized solution involving a lender and tax-free loan.

  • Replace or Amend a 1031 exchange - rescue a failing 1031

  • 453 Step Up – a solution that offers a step-up in basis benefit.

  • 453 Legacy LLC - preserve wealth & family legacy, through investing & philanthropic giving across generations.  

  • Tax Deferral

  • Liquidity

  • Control - Everything

  • Flexibility of investments

  • Diversification to lower risk

  • Default protection on the installment note

  • Income replacement

In addition; 

453 Partnership 

  • Wealth protection

  • Ordinary income tax deduction to offset investment capital gains.


453 Cash Out 

  • Receive cash at close via a tax-free loan 

  • Solve taxable debt over basis 


1031 Exchange Alternative / Rescue

  • Solve multiple challenges a 1031ex does not

  • Go directly into a 453 tax solution to pursue your goals

  • Rescue a failing 1031ex - must ID in 45 days and amend before 180 expiration 


453 Step Up

  • Step up in basis


453 Legacy LLC 

  • Highly tax-leveraged philanthropic giving 

  • Potential annual tax-free distributions 

  • Estate planning & long-term wealth increase 



“The Secret to Success is to Own Nothing, but Control Everything!”

Nelson Rockefeller

  1. 20%-50% more proceeds at close vs. paying tax year of close.

  2. 100% Control - over your money, when you pay tax, when & what you invest in. 

  3. Empower Sellers – allowing them to help loved ones, pursue goals, & help charitable causes.

Top 10 Challenges We Solve
Business Handshake
  1. Solve Need for Control

  2. Solve Need for Liquidity 

  3. Solve Multi-Owner Challenges – especially if they have different goals

  4. Solve Mortgage / Debt Over Basis situations – help clean up balance sheets

  5. Solve desire to Exit Real Estate

  6. Solve the hassle of the 45-day Identification / 180-day close requirements of 1031 exchanges

  7. Solve a Failing 1031 exchange by amending into an IRC 453 structure

  8. Solve need to Replacement or Increase Income

  9. Solve fears preventing listing your asset for sale

  10. Solve Developers/Syndicators desire for cash investments vs. 1031 funds

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