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Fiduciary Solutions   

Acting In Our Clients Best Interests

TAX DEFERRAL SERVICES and our Team of the nation’s foremost expert Tax Practitioners, CPA’s, Estate Attorneys, and Advisors allow us to customize multiple variations of tax deferral structures, partnerships, estate plans and charitable strategies to fit our client’s unique financial situations. 


Our Team has 60+ years of experience in providing solutions for business sales and exit strategies, restructuring, entities and situations involving debt, equity, preferred stock, C-Corps, S-Corps, LLCs, Partnerships, Real estate, web-based enterprises with growth and scaling, Special Assets like intellectual property, celebrity status, trade secrets, and charitable giving.


Most successful tax-saving implementation has solid non-tax business, personal, and charitable purposes behind it. We resell or partner to help you integrate business wealth preservation, protection, and enhancement, heirship and legacy well-being for generations, and even charitable giving with amazing tax benefits.


Many of our Solutions involve Section 453 of the Internal Revenue Code or "IRC." IRC Sec. 453 is the Installment Sale section of the Code.  Other solutions we provide utilize other various IRS tax codes to accomplish desired outcomes to significantly benefit our clients in the following ways;




  • Asset protection

  • Tax Mitigation

  • Improved Scalability

  • Diversification

  • Wealth Preservation / Enhancement

  • Family & Heir Success

  • Charitable Giving

Our Solutions

For Real Estate

  • 1031 Exchanges – Outsource to Preferred Qualified Intermediary’s

  • 1031 Exchange Rescues - “Bailouts”

  • 1031 Exchange Tandem Solutions – Part 1031 & Part Alternative Option


Challenges We Solve

  1. Solve multi-owner challenges – Especially if they have different goals

  2. Solve concerns about lack of quality fair priced trade property available

  3. Solve desire to create liquidity and exit real estate

  4. Solve Mortgage Over Basis situations – help clean up balance sheets

  5. Solve the hassle of the 45-day Identification / 180-day close requirements of 1031 exchanges

  6. Rescue Failing 1031 exchanges

  7. Replace Income, even if the desired return is up to 10%


For All Asset Types - (Alternative options if 1031 exchange is not the best fit)


  • Sale and Leaseback

  • Intermediary Option "1031Exchange Bailout"

  • 453 Partner Option

  • 453 Cash at Close Option

  • 453 Deferred Trust

For Charitable Giving

  • Charitable Holding Company

Our Tax team Specializes in this unique structure that is NOT any of the Charitable Trust structure existing in the market. 


Top Ten Benefits Include: 

  1. Avoid 40% federal estate tax & state tax if applicable

  2. Tax-free growth on 98-100% of the assets held in CHC

  3. Asset protection – Creditors cannot access

  4. Legacy Protection – Control family values, harmony, transition plan, allow beneficiaries to mature to handle wealth, etc…

  5. Wealth Transfer – 4 generations

  6. Minimize transition costs

  7. Minimize Taxes

  8. Typically creates 10X Wealth over time

  9. Control your assets while alive



How We Protect You

TAX DEFERRAL SERVICES works hard to protect your information and your accounts.

  • Our Team has 60+ years of experience, including the nation’s foremost expert Tax Practitioners, CPA’s, Estate Attorneys, and Advisors that specialize in the solutions we provide. 

  • Every employee of Tax Deferral Services is a licensed fiduciary. Adam Ausloos requires this to ensure every employee that serves our clients understands the importance of acting in our client’s best interest to protect their financial interests and goals.

  • We provide sellers and their advisory team with detailed IRS validity information, including but not limited to general counsel memorandums, PLRs, and public records supporting IRS acceptance of the solutions we provide. 

  • Tax Deferral Services works with a 3rd party CPA firm to ensure all accounting is independent, accurate, and transparent to give our clients peace of mind.

  •  We utilize account restrictions at our custodian requiring the Sellers's original signature to approve all disbursements from their account.

  • Our Practitioners have appropriate E&O insurance to cover the legal & tax services they provide.

Request Free Analysis for your Asset Sale

Upon completion of this questionnaire, Adam Ausloos will analyze the information and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your circumstances.


We are committed to protecting your privacy and will never share your information with anyone except those directly involved in preparing your personal illustration. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you defer capital gains. If you have any questions, please call--we're here to serve you.

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