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Have More Money to Pursue Your Goals and Desired Lifestyle

Tax Elimination & Mitigation

Our IRS accepted Income tax solutions are based on stable tax codes that have been in place for decades and unique areas of tax law that allow significant value-added benefits for our clients.

  • Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution & Supreme Court Rulings

  • US Treasury, UPI Act, Uniform Trust Code.

  • IRC 72,101,7702 that govern all US Insurance Policies

Spend Thrift Trust

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Private Placment Life Insurance

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Our team of CPA & Attorney Specialists utilize specific tax codes and tax laws to offer various income tax mitigation or elimination solutions to fit our client’s unique financial circumstances and goals. 



  • Titanium Vault Asset protection

  • Estate Benefits

  • Solve Capital Gains and Ordinary Income tax concerns
  • Contract Law NOT Statutory Law


Various Trusts to achieve benefits and outcomes

Private Placement Life Insurance - PPLI​

  • Tax-Free Growth of Assets

  • Tax-Free Death benefit

  • Tax-Free Loan 

  • Flexibility of investments

181 Deductions

  • Offset gains with this solution even after a taxable event.

Business Loss Stratagy

  • Offset Gains with this solution even after a taxable event

Opportunity Zone investments

  • Offset Gains with this solution even after a taxable event

  • Mitigate or Eliminate capital gains & in most cases income tax

  • Protect wealth from creditors, litigation, and divorce.

  • Maintain, grow and transfer wealth to generations

  • Maintain Control - over everything!!

  •  Save unlimited amounts for retirement, and legacy goals

Challenges We Solve

1. Solve Federal & State Income tax concerns 

Client at the 37% Federal bracket & CA state tax of 13% could mitigate or eliminate 50% tax on        funds they wish to utilize for lifestyle expenses. 


The 10 highest income tax states for 2020 are:

  1. California 13.3%

  2. Hawaii 11%

  3. New Jersey 10.75%

  4. Oregon 9.9%

  5. Minnesota 9.85%

  6. District of Columbia 8.95%

  7. New York 8.82%

  8. Vermont 8.95%

  9. Iowa 8.53%

  10. Wisconsin 7.65%


2. Solve wealth protection concerns

  • Litigation

  • Creditors

  • Divorce 

3. Solve Roth IRA Limitations 

  • Income eligibility restrictions

  • Contribution limits

  • UBTI (unrelated business taxable income)

  • Prohibited transaction limitations

  • Investment restrictions

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